Introducing Me!!!

October 31, 2017

What to say, what to say? I've been asked to begin blogging. Not just a simple blog but a blog about me. This has to be one of the most difficult request I've ever received. I don't do much talking about me, nor do I feel comfortable doing such. But, having received multiple request, It just may be time to do just that. Open up about me, the owner and operater of Tout Ensemble Plus Size Online Consignment Boutique.


When I started Tout Ensemble in 2015, it was becasuse I was frustrated. I was frustrated because as a #fluffydiva or "big girl" it was difficult to find things I liked and then things I could afford. I walked into stores and got angry because when I got to my wonderful size 22W, it seemed every flower from the garden landed on each and every dress on the rack. When they got to us, did they run out of attractive patterns? Or when I went shopping and a shirt that cost $9.99 in Rainbow, Lane Bryant charges $25.99.  I simpy coudn't afford it.  Now I understand it takes extra material to make our clothes, but that much? Come on son!


I noticed that there were women, #plussize that is, who are killing in fashion. I also noticed that there are quite a few women who have clothes to get rid of but don't know what to do with them. 


I happened to stop by a cosignment shop in Baltimore one day and they made it a point to state that they had plus sized clothes. Now, they did have plus sized clothes. No false advertisement there. The only problem that I had was the clothes in the consignment shop were just as homely as the clothes in the regular stores. 


Thus Tout Ensemble was birthed out of frustrtation. I feel that we can help each other by sharing our fashion sense at an economical price. Meaning, if I don't wear it anymore and it's in good condition or if I never wore it, why not give someone else an opportunity to enjoy it while possibly making a little change? 


That's the point of Tout Ensemble. Us, #realsizetrendsetters, sharing as a community to help each and every one of us to have the ability to be fabulous!!!!  So... join me on this journey as we get to know each other and grow together.  And ladies, don't forget to SHOP!!!!  




~ Lady Syl



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